Mission statement

VCPEA is a Coalition of individuals and organizations working cooperatively through public awareness, advocacy, and education to assure older Virginians a life free of abuse, neglect, and exploitation. 

Since 1993, VCPEA has been a leader in promoting awareness, training, and advocacy on behalf of Virginia's abused, neglected, or exploited adults. VCPEA seeks to:

  • Promote a greater public understanding and awareness of the problems of elder abuse.
  • Promote improvement of the quality and the availability of services to vulnerable adults.
  • Encourage the development of services and programs to protect elders and adults with disabilities who are abused, neglected or exploited, or at risk of abuse, neglect or exploitation.

Virginia Coalition for the Prevention of Elder Abuse, Inc. (VCPEA) is a coalition of individuals and agency representatives committed to improving the lives of older and disabled Virginians. Our Board of Directors represents a variety of organizations and professions. We are service providers, practitioners, educators and trainers. We represent the area of social services, law enforcement, community mental health, academic programs, health care, programs for the aging, law, and state and local government.


Join VCPEA and work with others in Virginia to assure that older adults and adults with a disability live a life free of abuse, neglect, and exploitation.  Your membership in VCPEA makes you an active participant in the effort to ensure the rights and safety of vulnerable adults. Together we can accomplish more than we can alone!

2017 Membership Brochure

VCPEA is a 501(c)(3) organization under the federal tax code and is also registered with Virginia’s Office of Consumer Affairs.  Membership dues are tax dedcutible.